Monday, November 28, 2011

Help Portrait Medellin

Help_Portrait by carlos restrepo (carlosrestrepo) on
Help_Portrait by carlos restrepo The idea of Help Portrait-Medellin is take a photo of someone, print the photo and deliver it. It is an awesome experience to make people feel special during a photo session and give them a photo they can take home with them, that they normally wouldn't ever be able to afford. Help us help the Paisa people and show your love for Medellin, Colombia! Troy Floyd Here's a description of what it's about: "The concept is simple: it's comprised of photographers and volunteers who want to come together and give free professional photographs back to the wonderful Paisa people of MedellĂ­n. We hit the streets armed with our camera gear to the barrios around Medellin. We photograph individuals willing to pose, then print them a copy of the photo that day. We return to the same location to handed them their very own portrait! A lot of people here have never had a professional photograph taken of themselves and this is a way for photographers, travelers and locals to give back to the community and share the love. The smiles given back in return will be your reward... that is PRICELESS!" Vida Apasionada-Katie Hudson Help Portrait Medellin facebook group
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