Monday, August 23, 2010


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Textures Tutorial
The Stuck In Customs Textures Tutorial is an hour-long video that comes with a bunch of high-quality textures. Visit that page to find out more!


David duChemin - “But remember there is room for technique that broadens the apparent dynamic range of an image and it doesn’t have to hit people over the head to be effective. Don’t throw out the guitar just because some people play it more loudly than you’d like. And for those that do love it, Trey’s stuff is solid teaching.”
Jeff Clow: “This collection of textures is truly world class – and by that I mean not simply how brilliant they are, but the fact that they’ve been compiled from fascinating places around the world. The unique textures work superbly well as backgrounds and overlays, and I highly recommend them to any photographer who wants to improve and enhance their images. This texture package is ‘must have’ tool for any serious photographer.”
Click here to visit Stuck In Customs. Video Textures Tutorial
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